Technique: Five artists' diverse approach to printmaking

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019
5:30–7:30 p.m. EST

Why a printmaking exhibition? Since RSM’s art collection is roughly 30 percent prints, let’s investigate this historic, complex artistic medium. Technique will present artwork by printmakers from the RSM collection as well as others living and working in Massachusetts. The exhibiting artists, Rebekah Lord Gardiner, Iris Morehouse Kumar, Dean Nimmer, Liz Shepherd and John Thompson, create prints using monotypes, silkscreens, chin-colle and intaglio techniques. The compositions range from still life to abstraction to landscape, evoking moments of reflection, remembrance and spontaneity.

Founded in 2002, the RSM Art Gallery focuses on thematic group exhibitions of local artists’ work. Proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to the RSM Boston Foundation. The RSM Boston Foundation is managed, funded and staffed by Boston firm employees and its mission aligns with the RSM US Foundation’s goal to provide assistance to today’s youth in the areas of hunger, housing, health and education.

RSM Art Gallery
80 City Square
Boston, MA 02129

Complimentary parking is available in the RSM garage during the reception.


Contact Nicole Appet at +1 617 912 9000.